Peter Goodhall

RankArt: Can you introduce yourself in a few words to our readers?

Peter Goodhall : I live in the south west of England very near to the coast. I had a studio right on the edge of a cliff top for many years and consequently the sea always had an influence on my painting.


RankArt: Do you practice painting as a hobby or as a professional?

Peter Goodhall : I have been painting professionally for 40 years.

RankArt: Can you tell us more about the professional and/or artistic path that has made you and artist?

Peter Goodhall : Like almost everyone I began my artistic path as a child. I was one of those who continued to paint as I grew up. Leaving school I chose to study at art college and began to regularly exhibit my paintings.

RankArt: Why did you choose painting as your way of expression yourself rather than another one? What triggered it?

Peter Goodhall : I was encouraged and enjoyed painting.

RankArt: Do your life and its different stages have an influence on your art? In what way?

Peter Goodhall : There have certainly been different stages in my career as an artist and I think that working as a professional artist has made me consider financial opportunities along my journey.

RankArt: How would you define your work? What do you say about your work to someone who has never seen your paintings?

Peter Goodhall : Representational and quite often with noticeable attention to detail.

RankArt: What prompted your choice of subject, technique and style?

Peter Goodhall : Artists that I admire because of my interest it the subjects they painted and how they painted. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, my own location put the sea right in front of me.

RankArt: In general, what has an influence on your art? (other painters, the cinema, music, literature...)

Peter Goodhall : I usually paint subject matter that interests me and am familiar with. Know your subject is my mantra.

RankArt: What is the starting point of a painting, the early stages of your work? (a sketch, an image, chance, pure imagination, a little of this, a little of that?)

Peter Goodhall : The idea about the subject leads to lots of mental planning and then it’s straight on to the canvas.

RankArt: What painter from the past would you like to meet, and why?

Peter Goodhall : So many on my list but let’s start with Botticelli, if only to thank him for planting that seed in my mind about combining a nude with water. As an art student I recreated Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’.

RankArt: Tell us more about your current artistic occupations? What are your artistic projects? Peter Goodhall : Painting subjects associated with water

RankArt: To give our readers a general idea of our artists, I like to ask our guests the « desert island » questions. If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you take with you?
            * Which one of your paintings? The one that I’ve just started as long as the object(s) can be my easel and paints!

RankArt: What trip would you like to make that you haven’t yet?

Peter Goodhall : That desert island.

Thanks Peter !




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